Knowledge Sharing Sessions
A great useful way to have get the team altogether in one-place, in the online work era!
17 June, 2021 by
Knowledge Sharing Sessions
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Thanks to the amazing team in Roaa, they came up with a suggestion to have a regular event in which the team can gather, and someone will present some useful information or introduction about a topic.

It is not a training, education, learning, nor a course. It is completely optional, and the topics covered may or may not be in the fields we focus on.

We are now almost a year (10.5 months exactly) since the first knowledge sharing session held by our great Solutions Architect, Feras Taleb, and we have held around 15 sessions so far. From Microservice Architecture, to Lean Startups, from Creativity Management, to the Imposter Syndrome, and too many other topics have been visited.

In general, the purpose is to have some company-level event, meet and greet each other, get different teams and projects introduced to each other, have some fun, know something new (to some), and sharpen the skills, wills, and powers until the next session.

We are now planning to add more stuff to the session, something like riddles, quizzes, contests, and announce different achievements which happened since the last session.

Knowledge Sharing Sessions
17 June, 2021
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